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ME2 - Mourn those who Mourned Me

Title: Mourn Those Who Mourned Me
Series: Mass Effect 2
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Garrus & Female Shepard
Summary: Garrus' reactions to immediately after Shepard rescues him from Omega.

Garrus could barely recall what happened immediately after the gunship blasted him with a missile blast to the face. His memories were in blinks of time: A feeling of warmth and wetness as he lay in a pool of his own blood. The sudden realization that he wasn’t holding his sniper rifle, and reaching for it. Breathing was increasingly difficult, and he was gasping loudly to fill his painful lungs. Things blacked out after that.

The next thing he could remember was Shepard’s face very close to his. He could barely hear anything besides muffled sounds, but he could tell she was sobbing. Her face was wet and dirty from the battle in that Omega apartment. His memory faded out after that when the sedatives kicked in.

His dreams following that recalled the previous time he had seen the human expression of ‘crying’. After he had evacuated to the escape pods when the first Normandy was lost, and the crew he shared the pod with had heard the news that Shepard was unaccounted for, and that Joker had just witnessed her getting spaced… he had personally experienced something he had only seen humans do in vids. Cry. He would have paid more attention to exactly what they were doing if he wasn’t personally keening to express his grief over Shepard’s death. Turians didn’t weep water out of their eyes when they were extremely sad, they would let out a high-pitched wail to express their distress.

In that escape pod, he had shared his grief with Tali and Wrex. Tali had muted her speakers, and Garrus could never tell what was going on behind that helmet. But he could visibly see her body sway and spasm in silent sobs. Wrex was stoic as a stone, and stared motionless upward. But watching the human crewmates stream water from their eyes and noses as they sobbed and wailed was such a peculiar sight, Garrus had thought afterwards. He never imagined he’d watch a human do so up close, like Shepard had done.

Later, when he had recovered and reported to the meeting room for duty, he had a chance to speak with Shepard in private.

“I’m sorry I caused you to cry like that over me.” Garrus said softly.

“It was the first time I’ve been able to cry like that since Cerberus brought me back.” Shepard admitted. “Your near-death made me realize how you must have felt two years ago when I died. All of you! The whole surviving Normandy crew! I hadn’t had the luxury of time to think on that, or mourn myself.” Shepard’s mood suddenly shifted to a brief laugh. “I was going to make Cerberus use the Lazarus project to bring you back if you really did die, after all the effort I went to save you.”

“I don’t think Cerberus would be happy putting a turian back together.” Garrus laughed, and his wounds in his face flared up again. “Oh Shepard, I told you not to make me laugh.”
Tags: garrus vakarian, shepard, tali'zora, urdnot wrex
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