Raptorix's Fanfics (princy_quide) wrote,
Raptorix's Fanfics

Title: His and her kinks
Characters: Ishida/Orihime
Genre: FLUFF and light smut
Rating: R for allusions to sex
Summary: Ishida and Orihime are goin' to college, and Ishida has moved into Orihime's apartment...

It came time in their relationship where Ishida consented to moving in with Orihime in her little apartment she had been living in since her brother was still alive. Move-in day was full of surprises.

Ishida was so tidy, and lived minimally. There was only really one small corner of the entire apartment that was really his. Everything else in the place screamed Orihime. She wasn’t a pack rat, but she wasn’t the greatest organizer either. The place felt lived-in, just like an apartment being rented by two college kids should be.

It didn’t take long for Uryuu to discover the extent of Orihime’s peculiar eating habits. He was busy stocking some of the food he had brought with him in the kitchen, when it struck him that the majority of Orihime’s pantry and refrigerator consisted of condiments. Ishida was boggled why he had never noticed this before. Orihime had the essentials—rice, milk, canned meats, and sparse vegetables—but it was staggering how she apparently stocked nearly every condiment possible! Her collection of different kinds of mustards alone was frightening.

Later that night, amid some cuddling and kissing, the couple found themselves on the kitchen floor. Uryuu leaned against a cabinet as Orihime gathered up some of her favorite condiments out of the pantry and fridge. She straddled his lap and began anointing his bare skin with the different food garnishes. Uryuu felt suddenly grateful for the secret purpose for such a varied collection of condiments Orihime was now applying to his body. He felt he could taste each different flavor as she drizzled or sprinkled the foodstuff onto him, then lovingly licked and nibbled it cleanly off his flesh. Uryuu nearly took Orihime then and there when she swirled a dollop of peanut butter onto his nipple, and then teasingly licked it off slowly. This food-play foreplay went on for hours that night.

It took a couple months before Ishida got to really experiment with the foreplay sessions. He was taking a costume design course at the university that they were both attending, and he would often use Orihime as a living clothing model for all his women’s costumes. It soon became a favorite activity of theirs as they would leisurely dress each other up in Uryuu’s latest creations, then take their time to undress each other. Ishida soon designed some costumes to be worn solely in the bedroom. Orihime’s favorite would have to be Uryuu’s Robin Hood costume, with the sage green tights that hugged every single contour of his hips and legs. Ishida’s favorite he had designed for Orihime was the Egyptian priestess dress made of nearly transparent gossamer linen fabric that draped exquisitely off her voluptuous frame. They’d role play in these costumes for hours together.

However, both would have to agree that their favorite moments together were when they would simply sleep together, spooning against each other’s body. In the summer months, they would always sleep naked, with a light blanket to cover. Both Uryuu and Orihime cherished those quiet moments where they simply rested in one another’s arms.
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