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Title: The Christmas Gift
Author: Raptorix
Series: Bleach
Characters: Ishida, Chizuru, implied IshiHime and ChizuHime
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None
Summary:  Written as a Christmas gift to Mell, since my muses were only capable of pulling off any ideas for her drabble request. x_x (I swear I'll work on the rest!  I'm just kinda stuck for ideas at the moment!)

It was simple enough, all Ishida had to do was find a Christmas gift for Inoue-san. Sure, he had made her a lovely dress already, but he wanted to give her something extra, something he could not make himself, something practical. So he went to the Karakura mall, fought the crowds, and browsed about looking for that perfect gift.
            Ishida soon found a store that specialized in quaint little electronic luxuries like heated blankets, exercise equipment, and electronic massagers of all sizes. That was what he could give Inoue-san! A hand-held back massager was exactly what he was looking for.
            Inoue-san could definitely use one, Ishida thought, as she must suffer frequent neck and shoulder aches, due to being so… top-heavy. It must be so strenuous when she spent long hours slaving over the sewing machine all night, her ample chest straining her more than usual. A vibrating massager would be a welcome relief to her neck and shoulders. Inoue-san would be so grateful the next morning that she would give Ishida a grateful greeting in a form of a bosomy hug.
            Ishida was awoken out of his revere when he noticed Chizuru looking at a similar handheld massager. She turned and noticed Ishida holding the vibrating back massager.
            “Oh, who are you shopping for?” Chizuru gave Ishida a sly glint of her glasses.
            “I figured a shoulder massager would be a useful gift for Inoue-san.” Ishida responded, while pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.
            “That sounds very practical, just like the way you think. I was looking for a vibrating massager to use for other reasons.” A coy smile spread across her face.
            “Do I want to know?” Ishida frowned.
            “Let’s just say even though I’m not old enough to walk into the nearest sex shop and buy a vibrator, I can always improvise with one of these.” Chizuru demonstrated by activating the vibrating massager and holding it in the air.
            Ishida frowned even deeper, “I did not need to learn what you do in your free time.”
            “Oh, it’s not for me, I was going to give this to my sweet ‘Hime-chan for Christmas! I can’t even wait to give her a demonstration.”
            That was all that Chizuru had to mention to immediately thrust Ishida’s imagination into the gutter. He had to fish a handkerchief out of his pocket to stem the sudden flow of blood dripping out of his nose. He made a hasty departure out of the store, without the back massager. He would just have to find another gift to give to Inoue-san.
            ‘I wish I had thought of that.’ Ishida thought idly while he browsed on for a different gift to give Orihime.
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