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[Bleach] Chappy

Title: Chappy
Author: Raptorix
Series: Bleach
Characters: Ishida, Rukia, Ichigo
Rating: G
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Rukia asks Ishida to make something special for her.
Ishida was browsing a sewing magazine between classes, analyzing the unique designs. He enjoyed getting inspirations for new practical designs he would later try making himself. He just happened to have the magazine open on the plushies page when Rukia passed by him towards her seat.
“Is that… Chappy?” Rukia’s attention went directly to the two page spread photograph of a line of adorable animal plush dolls.
“E-excuse me?” Ishida blinked up at Rukia who was hovering over his desk, eyes affixed upon the magazine open before him.
“They have Chappy in the real world too?” Rukia’s eyes went wide with amazement as she snatched up the magazine and started checking the rest of the magazine to see if perhaps Chappy made any further appearances in Ishida’s magazine. At that moment, Ichigo entered the classroom and frowned as his rival and friend were in such close proximity with each other.
“Oi, Rukia, don’t bother Ishida. He might sew you something stupid to wear.” Ishida snarked as he approached the two.
Rukia slammed the magazine down on Ishida’s desk, startling both boys with her aggressive behaviour. She turned the pages back to the spread with Chappy on it and jabbed a finger at the photograph of the white rabbit doll. “Make me a Chappy plushie.”
“Oh hell no!” Ichigo moaned, and glared at Ishida. “If you do, I’ll never forgive you.”
“Shut up! This isn’t for you! Maybe I just want to cuddle a plushie at night that isn’t being inhabited by a perverted mod soul!” Rukia snapped back at Ichigo.
“Just don’t let my sister see it, or leave it lying around in my room. Or else it might disappear.
Ishida smirked, and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. His glasses glinted as they reflected the morning sunshine filtering in through the windows. “I’ll make you a Chappy Plushie. It’ll done by tomorrow.”
Ishida couldn’t pass up an opportunity to make his rival’s life a little more miserable by gifting Rukia with something that would irritate Ichigo.
The next day, Ishida relished the expression on Ichigo’s face as Rukia clung tightly to the little white rabbit plushie. Ishida had customized it by giving it a small sundress much like the type that Rukia favored to wear outside of school.
Rukia gave Ishida an awkward ‘thank you’ and went back to her seat. She then stashed the doll away in her book bag just before the teacher arrived.
Ishida quietly chuckled to himself for a short moment. He didn’t need the shinigami woman’s pathetic thanks for his accomplishment. Seeing the humiliation on Kurosaki’s face was all the reward he wanted when he accepted Rukia’s demand.
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