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Title: Hackey Sack
Author: Raptorix
Series: Bleach
Rating: G
Pairing: Yuzu/Kira
Disclaimer: Last time I checked I was not a manga-ka named Kubo Tite and living in Japan drawing weekly chapters of Bleach.
Note: Started as a pairing/prompt idea given to me by starswing, but then it turned into cuteness that I really wanted to share. The setting for this should be AU: Kira is in the real world, and Yuzu should technically be in her late teens… X3 (Pardon as that’s how I prefer this pairing ;) )

Still not really getting living world devices, Kira started carrying a hackey sack around with him when he caught a cold. He expected it was used to cover your mouth when you got into a coughing, or 'hacking' fit.

When Yuzu caught him using it, she giggled at him, and gave him a packet of disposable tissues.

"Here." She took the germ-covered hemp-sack away from him, and decided she'd throw it away later, "This is actually a toy." She indicated the hackey sack, "This is what you use to cough, sneeze, and blow your nose on when you're sick." Yuzu pressed the travel-sized tissue packet into Kira's hand, and smiled warmly.

"Oh, thank you, Kurosaki-chan." Kira smiled a bit, before starting to cough again. Not really understanding the purpose of this new travel tissue packet, he simply started coughing on it like he was just doing with his hackey sack.

Yuzu laughed some more, and had to demonstrate how to remove individual tissues and use them properly.

Tags: kira, yuzu
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