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[Bleach] Dinner

Title: Dinner
Author: Raptorix
Series: Bleach
Rating: G
Pairing: IshiOri
Note: Future fic, Kaori and Ryuuji are Uryuu and Orihime's children… Kaori is the older sister and Ryuuji is the younger brother. And I swear to God I'm done with these offspring muses now! SERIOUSLY! This is an old drabble I decided to finally share! ;_;
Disclaimer: Ishida and Orihime and Bleach in general belongs to Kubo Tite. Kaori and Ryuuji are made-up children that I doubt will ever come into existence in canon.

"Oh! Look at the time! We should be getting dinner ready." Orihime announced to her children. "First time Daddy is away on business for a week. Guess that leaves me to make dinner."

Kaori and Ryuuji froze where they were. They had previously been contently doing their homework in the family room when their mother sprung the proposal of her cooking for a week on them.

"Lets have peanut butter and beef stew tonight." Orihime suggested, as she rummaged through the pantry for the jar of peanut butter, and who knows what else to add to the bizarre concoction.

Kaori and Ryuuji leapt up from their homework and rushed into the kitchen to prevent their mother from attempting to poison and/or starve them with her off-the-wall tastes.

"No! We'll make dinner tonight, Mother! Don't trouble yourself!" Kaori tried to sound like she was volunteering rather than usurping her mother in cooking duties.

"We'll make dinner all week, in fact! Daddy has been teaching us how to cook! We wanna try on our own now!" Ryuuji added, giving his mother a nervous but sweet smile.

Orihime squealed with delight and hugged both her children, "Oh! Uryuu and I have raised the best children ever! They ever so willingly volunteer to do the chores for their mother with such passion! How wonderful it is to not be an overworked house wife!"

Kaori and Ryuuji simultaneously felt the guilt drop onto them like a heavy brick. They knew their mother was expecting them to do other chores besides cooking this week. But at least they wouldn't have to worry about suffering through their mother's strange ideas of cooking.

"After dinner, we'll do rock, paper, scissors to find out who ends up with cleaning the bathroom tonight." Kaori sighed at her younger brother.
Tags: bleach, ishida, ishiori, kaori, orihime, ryuuji
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